FlexClip Review – One Of The Best Short Videos Maker Online

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This time, I would like to introduce “FlexClip“, a web service that allows you to easily edit videos.I recently published a video on YouTube, and I use Adobe Premiere for editing, but I wish I could edit the video more easily in a different way than it is now. So I’m glad I got to know FlexClip at the right time.

Features and Benefits of FlexClip                                                        

First of all, what kind of service is FlexClip? It is a web service that allows you to edit videos only by working on a web browser.Since there is no need to install software on the devices, there is an advantage as a web service that you can edit videos even if you have to buy a new computer or work on another computer.

The operation will be introduced again below, but the basic work is simple enough to be completed by drag and drop, and it does not require much prior knowledge to use, so even at first glance the video is quite smooth.

Also, since there are quite a lot of materials prepared in advance, I think it is wonderful that you can edit the video even if you do not have the material at hand but want to make a video. Templates for various purposes are prepared in advance, like templates for YouTube advertisements, Twitter advertisements, Instagram stories, etc., so I think that it can be quite useful from the aspect of a video creation tool for advertisements.

In the actual scene, it is a tool that is easy to use as an operation feeling, so that you can imagine the level at which the person in charge of advertising sales can actually create and operate the video for advertising.

How to Use FlexClip

To use it, just prepare your e-mail address and password and sign up.
You can start editing videos from there by logging in after signing up.

And then, I will briefly explain the using steps that I actually made a video.

The first thing to do is to upload the images and video materials used for video editing.Basically, I think it is better to prepare original materials, but if it is difficult, I think that you can use images and videos prepared in advance.

Use the “+” button to add the added material to the storyboard area at the bottom of the screen and rearrange the order.

Also, there is an item to set the background, but it seems that this can be used for abstract expressions rather than concrete images such as images and videos.

Next, I will put texts on each scene.

There are various formats for the text to be inserted, and you can freely change the color, shape, type, size, etc. of the text.

By the way, the image has a function that allows you to change the effect, and you can change the effect of the image like an Instagram filter.

After creating all the scenes, change the display seconds for each scene to adjust the length of the entire video.

It is convenient to be able to adjust by changing the number of seconds at the bottom right of the screen.

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In the case of Premiere, it depends on how you make it, but once you decide the number of seconds and edit it, if you want to extend the previous scene a little and try to change it, you may need to make the whole adjustment again. However, in the case of FlexClip, it is easy to use because it can be adjusted for each scene, so there is not much need to adjust the whole.

When you have finished editing the video, export it and save the video file.You can set the resolution when exporting.

It’s also very easy to see how much progress is being made.
Also, I thought that the message that it would be faster to keep the screen open is a very good message for those who are concerned about reducing waiting time.After the export is complete, you can save the video or upload it directly to YouTube.

Pricing Plans
You can use it with a free plan, but the free plan has quite strict restrictions, so I think it’s a good idea to choose a plan that suits your situation.


If you are a starter for video editing and if you want to make some short videos for social media, business or life, FlexClip could be one of the best platforms.

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